Apothecary Hymn Frontman/St. Christopher Bassist Loses Big Bet!

Alex Stimmel, songwriter and frontman for Apothecary Hymns and Bassist for my band, St. Christopher & The Sleeping Doormen, went on record (April 4th, 2007) to say, "man, the Angels and Indians suck! Both teams will never clinch their division! EVER!" When I asked him how he knew this (he doesn't pay much attention to baseball), he told me "I know what I'm talking about." Well, that's when we made the bet: if the Angels and Indians do NOT clinch, then I would owe him a sponge bath, a new toothbrush and $100 dollars cash. However, if they DID clinch and go to the baseball playoffs, he would have to make sweet love to his bass. Welp! Today, Sunday the 23rd of September, both teams have officially clinched! Time to pay up, Mr. Stimmel. As you can see from this disturbing picture, taken at approximately 4:00 this afternoon, the love making has already started!

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