Dog Day Afternoon

I have had, simply, such a stressful day. It started last night when my roommate was attacked by the dog she adopted over the weekend. My cats were kept in my room for a few days while Rudolph got used to his new home. Last night, coming home from work after jury duty (so annoying), I got a call from my roomie who locked herself in the bathroom because Rudolph bit her hand (drew blood/broke skin) and chased her in there--growling and showing teeth. Bex and I got home, put him in the kennel so roomie and her man could leave. Bex and I walked him and he was fine. I even took him to meet Lux (he tried to hump her!). Woke up dumb early to walk him as my roomie was terrified of him now. Tried to take him to where they said to bring him back and they wouldn't let me because they knew nothing about it! Brought him back home, went to court, came back and they JUST picked him up. I hope he finds a good home because he is a nice baby boy. Shame it didn't work. But as it is, I have a headache the size of Nebraska and the house smells like dog piss! I'm now cleaning the floors and house. Kill me please.

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