F**K YOU MTA MOTHERF****RS!!! (god damn it!)

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i don't get it: why's the F train so god damn slow sometimes? not all the time but a good lot of the time. usually when i don't have to rush somewhere, it's there. but if i need to get somewhere, i wait. am i alone? holy crap. and listen, if you're an announcer schmuck reading this, please, don't announce 50 thousand times that we're being held up because of this that or the other. we know we're stuck you moron, you certainly don't need to keep reminding us. there's nothing you can do. just shut up. it's not as though you're shedding light on the stuation: all you do is tell us we're stuck! f**k off! and you people in the booth--what the f**k is going on there? nothing. you sit and get pissed if i ask directions. "SORRY I RUINED YOUR NAP, I JUST WANTED TO KNOW WHERE THE F**K I WAS GOING! FORGIVE ME PLEASE!" and how's about, "hi, i'm the person that suddenly needs to blast water 400mph near your feet to knock off the dirt to the tracks where the rats will eat it later," great...thanks. and good lookin' out to the crazy idiot that needs to take their time walking down (or up) the stairs to the platform. i really appreciate you walking directly down the center while my train pulls into the station. that's great. thanks for moving outta the way so i may pass...NOT! one kid purposely, recently, refused to move out of my way with my train right there. we bumped chests and he looked back. i told him straight up, "you're a dick!" he kept walking, the observation too obvious. and props to the waste of life who enjoys sitting on my shoulder when i get that seat next to the damn doors. Yeah, i'm happy you can feel free to rest your ass on my shoulder. thank you. that's great. and hey-what's up to mr. elephant nuts who seems completely incapable of closing their damn legs. do you really wanna rub your knee against mine the whole journey? awesome. a big middle finger to the guy who decided to f**king electrically shave on the train. What are you? nuts? no joke. everyone cleared away from him. i truly hate the MTA and everything that goes along with it. although their museum is kinda fun.

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