The Homeless Curator

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(the following conversation took place at Grey's Papaya on 72nd Street & Broadway)
CHRIS GORDON: Thank you for your time today.
HOMELESS CURATOR: Thank you for the hot dogs, shit! I'm itchy as a bitch wearing all these clothes. Crazy humidity today on the streets. God damn. Mmmmm. I can't tell myself to stop sweating though, right?
CG: I mean, you could I guess.
HC: But it won't listen-my body won't listen to me. Man, I am itchy as hell.
CG: Can you take off your coat? Why you wearing a coat anyway?
HC: Man, I put this down someone gonna come along, stab me, take my coat, take my shit, kill me. Cut me up and eat me for later. All kinds of trouble.
CG: I see.
HC: Yes, man.
CG: What museum do you currently curate?
HC: Moma.
CG: Really? Wow! That's sweet!
HC: Not really. They all (makes a face as though sucking lemons and shakes his head side-to-side), you know? Hardly any foresight.
CG: Jeez.
HC: My grandfather was friends with Abby...Abby Rockefeller. She was the one who came up with the idea and developed the Moma like that. He worked with her, my moms worked there and now I curate exhibits there. I work very closely with Glenn. You know him, right? Glenn Lowry and shit?
CG: I don't know who he is but, wow, that's so inter-
HC: Yeah, he and I sit down; sometimes he come meet me over on the Bowery. He brings me sardine sandwiches. We smoke cigarettes on toothpicks by a fire. Nice man. I told him this one time, "yo, let's do more Cezanne-type shit. More Chagall-really utilize our collection."
CG: Why or how are you homeless?
HC: You have five dollars I can borrow? I can hardly stand up, I'm so itchy.

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