I'm So Tired & Bloated

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in my attempt to be a "good half-jew" i fasted yesterday and then ate last night at sundown. bex and i ate at this great spot called "Little Village" on 7th ave in the slope, between 10th and 11th. once again, i ordered too much; mad leftovers. woke up early to walk lux, get coffee (decalf) and watch some telly. bex went off to work and left me behind bloated and confused. was gonna go see the "Old Wine Klezmer Band" play at the grand army plaza library, but i, at this moment, can't seem to get it together to get up and out! sunday morning...gotta love it! Mets won last night, maintaining their 1.5 game lead over the Silly Phillies.

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Don said...

I too, am very bloated. What is the cure for this. Damn!