Lohan Hiding Out in White Plains

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(the following conversation occurred at Pathmark in White Plains)
CHRIS GORDON: Thank you so much--you sure you don't mind if I record this?
LINDSAY LOHAN: Shut up. It's fine.
CG: So, wow...I was walking over there to get some carpet cleaner for my mom and I was like, "is that Lohan?" So crazy. What are you doing here?
LL: Totally ran away.
CG: You did? Wow.
LL: Yeah. You know...it's...well, yeah...just like, totally needed "out".
CG: I didn't get a chance to see I Know Who Killed Me, is it good? I mean, were you happy with it?
LL: Yeah...I don't know. What's this for?
CG: What.
LL: These questions.
CG: Oh...I don't know. My blog? I guess? I doubt anyone's gonna read it.
LL: You could sell it or something. I'm a "wanted" person-literally. No one knows where I am or anything.
CG: What are you doing in White Plains?
LL: Honestly? I don't know.
CG: Weird.
LL: Do you party?
CG: I mean...I have.
LL: Do you have five dollars I could borrow?
CG: You're gonna pay me back?
LL: I mean, well, yeah, you know? I'm in White Plains.
CG: For now.
LL: Can you hold some stuff for me?
CG: Five dollars, now "hold some stuff"? I don't get it. Here's five dollars.
LL: Thank you so much.
CG: Okay.
LL: I should run.
CG: Okay, well...thanks I really appreciate this interview. Good luck with everything.
LL: Okay.

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alex said...

dude, don't lie about meeting lindsey lohan. we all know it was at the pathmark here in bk on 2nd ave behind lowes.