Mets Lose 5 Straight, Win, Then Lose Again

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Tonight I watched the Mets come back, after having a 3 run lead initially, 7-3 against last place Florida. Then, I watched them blow the lead again. With a back spasm plagued Wagner down, Willie called on Feliciano in the bottom of the ninth. After giving up a hit, Willie brought in Jorge "don't call me Sammy" Sosa, who proceeded to allow Florida to come back and tie the game. After a lousy top of the 10th, in which Mets batters seemed fooled by Tankersly (of all pitchers!), Sosa came back again, this time officially blowing the game. The second place Phillies won; now our lead has shrank to a nail-biting, tummy knotting 1.5 games. Please, Mets...I beg of you...get that pennant and get yer stiff together! (Magic Number = 9)

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Jay B. said...

Yeah that's cuz the Mets suck. Oh, wait, my team sucks too (go you limpdicked Red Sox!).Lets be friends.

Big smoochie from LA, czg.