Mondays Really Do Suck Kinda

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Word! I'd love to sleep and hang out all day with my baby, as Donny Soots is doing here with his lil' honey, Siena...alas, I have no baby and Siena is getting fact, she walks around like it's no one's business these days! Today was a fun day at court and now I'm back at work! THAT sucks so much...every time I come here, I find notes left for me by the gal filling in for me while I'm "away"...serving. She's a nice person and seems to be doing a good job, but man...I would just prefer to not have to deal. Long story which I will get into later (what I do, for whom I work for, &c...). This is officially the last week of baseball before the playoffs. How 'bout that? Makes me sad. But, on a "dope" note, Moises Alou, whom the Mets got during the off season, has a 27 game hitting streak! Longest ever for a Met; longest in the majors this year...he beat Casey Blake's (Indians) streak of 26 games. Tonight the Mets face the Nationals at Shea--home of dreams! They have a 2.5 game lead as of right now...LET'S GO METS! I so wish I could discuss the case I'm on with you all, but I can't. Big trouble if I do. You know that. I want to see more Fassbinder films...watched "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul" by him last night with my lady. Such a great film--highly recommend it to y'all! In short, a German widow falls for a much younger, Moroccan man, much to the dislike of everyone around her. Amazing! Netflix that shite now, kids!

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