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Serving jury duty as an alternate sure can be fun and rewarding! I actually feel somewhat important, despite my role as an "alternate" (number five at that!). But it's good to see how the process works, what lawyers do, &'s also, let's face it, a great excuse to miss work! Gotta love that, no? Truth is, I'm so devoted to my employer that I work after I serve jury duty. No, I don't have to, but I do anyway. I wish I could discuss the case here on my blog, but I could get in big trouble for that. I am, however, writing about my experiences and will try to get something published. It's a big, heavy case and the angle, my angle as alternate juror number five, can make for some funny times. We'll see. Meanwhile, I can't believe what's happening in Louisiana with regards to the Jena Six case...insane. Google "Jena Six" to read more about racist judges and backwards southern policies.

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