What The F**K! God Damn It to Hell!

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Watched the Mets lose last night and tonight. Not pretty. Not Pretty. Phillies won. Mets lost, and now we're ted for first. For the first time since May 16th. We got served only our fifth shutout of the year and brother, now's not a very good time for that f**king bull***t! God f**king damn it! I haven't had much sleep because i'm working late. it's starting to take ts toll what with the mets and work and the trial's still going. i love jury duty! is that nuts? I so can't think straight right now! i'm at court all day, then go to work, pick up work to do at home, watch the mets then do work wake up go to court go to work get work get home watch mets do work. yeah, the yankees made the playoffs for the 13th year in row (so "they" say). congrats to you yankee fans out there for getting in there. nuts as hell. now: indians vs yanks, first round...mets will sweep florida...my prediction...are they (MTA) gonna raise the subway fare? i think they are by like .25 cents...LAME!

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