Mets Lose It All...and so do i

today the mets set a record...not a good one: only team with a 7 game lead and 17 left to play to lose the division. glavine started the game by giving up 7 runs in the first inning and not since 1989 has the lefty been yanked in the 1st. terrible. why did willie leave him in. why not take him out after say, 3 runs? delgado got his hand broken by a dontrelle willis fastball and the mets had bases loaded at least twice in the game and failed to bring home any of those runners. it's hard to handle. on the tele they showed all the fans left gazing into space after the final out. 8-1. jesus. this doesn't feel real nor right at all. reyes was booed all day and why not? he was, afterall, something like 5 for 40 and hadn't stolen a base in over 15 days. even the cubs made it to he postseason (they clinched the same day the red sox did). we lost out because of our pitching and today, lack of offense. a week ago, they couldn't field if their lives depended on it. wait--their lives did depend on it! ultimately, the mets got unmotivated somewhere about two weeks ago, which is a drag because at that point, i think i may have had more passion about their playing then they did. well, i'm sure i'll hear t from all the yankees fans out there, but i'm sure they can relate...afterall, the yankees had a 3 game lead against the red sox and watched them come from behind and go to the world series. also, a baseball first. but, at least they were in the postseason. there's no worse feeling for a fan and i imagine a player or manager. 162 games later and we missed out on the playoffs by one game. horrible. i wonder if glavine did that on purpose? was he paid off? last year, beltran had the bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the ninth in the 7th game of the national league playoffs...and struck out, the mets down by two or one...i forget...try to forget anyway. when your faith is put to the test and nothing is to show for it but heartache and stings like hell. i shall try to move on, but to will be too easy to consistently ponder what might have been.

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