How Lame?

yesterday, i text mad peeps...telling them merry happy, &c...i text my ex and wish her and her's a happy merry...then, while i was asleep (my lady heard the phone though--while i slept) at 4AM, my ex's man calls and leaves a threatening message including such phrases as, "niu's not YOUR CAT--he MY cat now," (niu-u is my ex's cat that i cared for when i was unemployed) "i don't know you, you don't know me but--it's gonna go down" and my favorite, "back the fuck off, yo"--in response to what? my "merry x-mas" TEXT! a text mind you...jesus...well, eloquent he was not, though i've yet to encounter a "wigger" who is...really...i mean...there lies in the question: can ex BFs and GFs maintain a friendship? we had had one (friendship) prior to her meeting the white Young Jeezy, but, luckily for me i suppose, it dissolved over this young man's insecurity. and hell, sure, i'll admit it makes me feel uneasy when my lady gets a call or contact from her ex, but leaving threatening messages is a bit much. some folks get divorced and remain such "great pals," agreeing that they had made the right choice in not being married, but being friends and there for one another. i guess it's just a shame because my ex and i were seeming to be better friends than anything, or at least certainly, talking on a better level than we had when we were together. oh well...who cares really? just had to share this call i got and how shocking it is really when you consider what relationships can mean and what they become.
got to work late today and REALLY got it...i mean, i thought i would walk out...they thought they'd just fire was tough, but ultimately, i am to blame for never getting enough sleep. i am not meant for a "9-5" or a large company or any sort of job that has to meet the demands of time parameters.
if i had it in me and the money (let's face it--it's about the money), i would get on an airplane today: fly to an island...any island and just sit...but who knows...

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