Sorry, I've Been Away Too Long

Last days? Perhaps...

Hey now, folks...sorry i haven't updated my blog in a bit--been crazy busy as ever! went recently to my friends' jon and amy's wedding in northern california! wine country! amazing! the ceremony was beautiful--both sides of the family: warm and caring, nice and friendly peeps...i cried, the groom cried, the wife cried--we ALL cried! it was was 70 degrees...amazing...i left NYC saturday, early morning...40 degrees...storm. good timing, eh?! i'm so proud and happy for these two newlyweds...they're great, smart, cool-ass folks and i'm excited for them. i DJ'd the wedding and sang a few songs (a swing version of "you shook me" by AC/DC, BTO's "you ain't seen nothin' yet" and "funkify your life" by the meters!) was great! but man, sitting on these airplanes for that long is something else, no? LOL...jetblue is a fun ride...flew into san fran. i hope they have kids soon! LOL...i'm all excited about newlyweds and the prospect of them having kids soon what else, oh yeah, i have a meeting today with the broadway gallery about maybe showing my work there! my collages and paintings...should be very, very interesting. got together all my cookies in one basket and will pitch my art! LOL...wish me lucks. more later, including: "a-rod, please join the mets," "torre...just shut up already, will ya?" and "where in the world is carmen san diego already?!"

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